Massage Therapy…Relax Your Way To Relief!

One of the back pain relief methods that I subscribe to most is definitely massage therapy.

Relaxing massage therapy - like a flower, peacefully floating on blue water.Massage has a very nice list of benefits to your back, including:

1. Improving circulation throughout your body.

Massage can reduce ishemia (lack of blood flow), which improves the endurance of your muscles, and thus their job of stabilizing your lower back. Move blood flow and endurance equals less pain!

2. Reducing or eliminating adhesions and scar tissue.

Both adhesions and scar tissue in muscles cause decreased blood flow and decreases strength. Massage therapy is an effective method for reducing these that may be found in your back muscles.

3. Improving muscle imbalances.

Massage therapy, when applied to your unique muscle balance, is very effective. When you relax your “tight” muscles, such as the psoas (hip flexor) and quadriceps (front of thigh) can reduce anterior pelvic tilt.

Bottom line…..Massage Therapy = Less back pain!

originally posted November 5, 2008 by Sam Visnic, on his Back Pain Relief Blog at

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