Massage May Help Alleviate Depression

Whether we realize it or not, we are very tactile creatures.

Hands on hands; touching.With our opposable thumbs, we love  to manipulate and touch things with our hands.  We also like to be touched.  Psychologists and psychiatrists have known for decades that the touch given to an infant by his/her caregiver is vital to the child’s growth and development.   A new study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry supports a positive link between the touch of massage and the alleviation of depression.

In the study, researchers analyzed publications of controlled trials of the effect of massage on depressed patients.  The study reviewed 17 trials with almost 800 people in them.  All of the trials showed a positive effect on the depressed state of the patient.  The researchers noted that massage could help individuals with depression by reducing stress and increasing relaxation, by developing an “alliance” between patient and therapist and by releasing the “trust hormone” oxycontin in the patient.  The researchers stated there is, “good evidence to suggest that massage therapy is an effective treatment of depression”.   The researchers noted that further studies were necessary to explore the link between massage and depression.

At some time in our lives, we all suffer from some form of depression.  Massage appears to be one more way to treat this disease and to get back to a more healthy state.

originally posted June 10, 2010, by Joanie, on Elements Massage Therapy, the Bolder Massage Therapy Blog.

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