How Do People See Chiropractors?

Originally posted by Dr. Durie Humber of Chiropractic Relief Plus.

Chiropractic Relief PlusWe were having a discussion about a certain patient who canceled their appointment last week and today due to “being sick”.

I was surprised to hear that she missed last week, because she was “not feeling well”. It just occurred to me that she is not getting better, yet all the while postponing her trip to the chiropractor, because she doesn’t know that I am a doctor!

If I am hungry and have a reservation at a restaurant, would it not be odd of me to call and say I can’t make it because I am hungry?
That is the equivalent of calling a chiropractor when you are sick and saying I can’t make it!!!

When you are sick that is exactly when you most need to come in to see your chiropractor.

Yes, I understand extreme illness would in fact, cause you to hesitate to follow through on a chiropractic appointment.
However, most people don’t see chiropractors as real doctors. They see chiropractors as glorified massage therapists.
Of course, ultimately how the public sees chiropractors, is our responsibility as a profession.
Chiropractors need to lead the way in changing the image. No one will change it for us!!!!