Five Ways To Lose Weight

Originally posted by Dr. Mike Murphy, D.C.

Weighing too much can bring on so many complications in your body that it doesn’t even make sense trying to name them all.

Time to lose some weightSuffice it to say that carrying around too much weight isn’t a good thing.   Also, trying to count calories doesn’t work because it’s too restrictive, plus it’s not an eating plan anyone can stick to for long.   But your eating habits do have to change if you’re to lose weight, then possibly keep it off.

Here are 5 techniques you can try which might help you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

1. Eat smaller portions. This sounds easy, but many people have problems doing it. Actually, it’s easier than you might think, even if what you have to do is fool yourself. A way to do that is to fill your plate, then remove half of what’s on your plate before you eat it. That technique will also work if you want to go out to a restaurant, and it gives you another meal for later on.

2. Eat more meals per day. Along with the smaller portions, eating multiple meals actually stimulates digestion and helps you lose weight. Your body tends to hold onto energy in fat because it’s not sure when it’ll be getting its next meal. Therefore, if you convince it that more food will be coming sooner, it’ll start burning that fat instead of retaining it.

3. Exercise just a little bit. You saw this one coming, but instead of trying to find 30 minutes at one time to pour your heart into, if you’re not used to working out try to find either two 10-minute periods or 3 5-minute periods to do a little something. Walking for 5 minutes might not do a lot, but it’s something, and with your increased meals and better digestion, it can’t hurt. The more you can exercise the better, but it’s important to at least start some kind of program.

4. Plan your meals in advance. This is probably the hardest part of an eating plan, but it can make your life so much easier. Pick either Saturday or Sunday and cook all of your meals in advance. If you have containers, portion out your food so that all you have to do is grab something, heat it up, and eat. Having your food already set helps because you’ll find that once you start eating multiple meals you’ll get hungry faster and harder, and when you’re hungry, you’ll be more apt to go off your eating plan. Therefore, having ready made meals helps drastically.

5. Skip dessert and snacks. Desserts can contain a lot of unwanted calories, and if shedding a few pounds is goal you’ve set for yourself, those unwanted calories aren’t going to do you any favors. Similarly, snacking, snack foods, needs to be cut out of your diet too if you wish to burn additional calories. If you must snack, seek out non-fatty, or sugary, foods that offer nutritional benefits. You’ve heard of this type of food before, it’s called fruit!

Achieving a sensible weight is important to looking and feeling better, and enjoying life. If aches and pain keep you from enjoying your life, Contact American Chiropractic for an appointment with Dr. Hunziker. Whether chiropractic adjustment, therapeutic massage, or physical rehabilitation therapy, we can help you look and feel better.

Originally posted by Dr. Mike Murphy, D.C., in Action Chiropractic & Rehab blog on December 29, 2009