Five Tips On Healthy Aging

5 Healthy Aging Tips and Dieting

As people get older, they have to take better care of themselves and try to live just a bit healthier than they did when they were younger. Our bodies won’t easily overcome some of the types of stressors put on them when we’re young, so we need to make sure we know certain things about how to keep our health so that we can live long, fulfilled lives as we age.

Here are 5 tips and information on aging healthily.

1. We eat less as we age.

One day you’ll get to the point where one egg and a piece of toast will seem like a pretty good meal. The body doesn’t need as much energy as it did when you were younger, unless you’ve been able to continue running marathons and lifting all sorts of weights, which few of us do.

2. Bones will get brittle and finer.

That’s the reality of aging, so we need to make sure we find ways to take care of ourselves. Some people continue drinking milk, which is great if you’re not intolerant. If you are, you might need to start taking calcium supplements or eating more foods rich in calcium, which includes a lot of seafood.

3. Exercise is still very important.

If you’ve always exercised, keep doing it. If not, you need to start, or at least you need to be more physically active. A good walk will do your body more good than it would have when you were younger, but movement is what you need. It can help your bones stay stronger, it certainly will make the muscles around those bones stronger, and it will help your blood flow better because it’ll help keep your heart strong.

4. Read and do puzzles.

Strange as this sounds, the basic idea is to keep your mind active in some fashion. In today’s world, people don’t spend as much time reading, watching more TV instead, but overall that doesn’t engage the brain as much as reading. Also, working crossword puzzles or jigsaw puzzles of at least 250 pieces every once in awhile helps to keep the brain stimulated, and studies have shown that helps slow down memory loss, including Alzheimer’s.

5. Stop smoking and drink less alcohol.

Hopefully you stopped smoking when you were much younger, but if you’re still smoking into your 50’s and your doctor hasn’t told you that you have cancer, it’s a good time to stop. We tend to breathe less deeply as we age, and therefore we need as much oxygen in each breath that we can possibly get. Smoking reduces how much oxygen your body can take in. Drinking and smoking kind of go hand in hand, so if you can reduce how much you drink, it can help you give up smoking. That, plus drinking too much inhibits anything else you might want to try to do to keep your body healthy.

Originally posted November 27th, 2009, by Action Chiropractic and Rehab