Car Accident Injury! View a Live Crash Test!

Have you, a friend, or a loved one been involved in an automobile accident or motorcycle accident?

Any sort of accident involving impact of two objects can cause damage to your body and bring on the pain which follows, but as the speed of the moving object increases, the damage caused by the collision does, too.  You don’t have to be traveling at Interstate highway maximum speed to be injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident.

This YouTube video, shared by Chiropractor Pottsville, that shows the effects of a very low speed, rear end collision on a volunteer subject.

Be sure to look for the range of movements of the volunteer’s body during the slow speed portion of the video.  The narrator’s description may surprise you; even at very low speed, the impact creates an acceleration of the volunteer’s head to forces seen by military jet airplane pilots!

Small wonder that people involved in automobile accidents often feel sore and suffer afterward.

Don’t suffer.  Contact American Chiropractic for an appointment with Dr. Hunziker. After a thorough examination, which may include on-site diagnostic imaging, Dr. Hunziker will be ready to recommend a path of action that can help you start feeling better.