Benefits of Massage Therapy

For most of us, the aches and pains brought about by day to day stress sneak up on us.

Stress can be work related, family or relationship related, school related or from thousands of other areas of our everyday life. The stress can easily build and build, and if we aren’t careful it can take quite a toll on our health and relationship with others. Think of daily stress as a boiling kettle, just waiting to blow its whistle!

back massage relieves stressOne of the obvious things about therapeutic massage is that it can provide a relaxed feeling from head to toe, while providing numerous other healthy benefits.

Massage therapy can quickly can help people unwind and de-stress. It helps out with the physical level first, relaxing the tension out of tight muscles which then in turn affects your mental state as well , causing you to calm down.

Massage therapy also provides an increase in blood flow and nutrients throughout the body during a massage which allows you to re-charge and think about what needs to be done on a rational level and not causing more stress to oneself.

Calm Stress with a Therapeutic Massage

Most people aren’t aware that stress is one of the main causes of tension in their neck and shoulders. This tension can lead to headaches and migraines, neck pain or even worse problems. Regular massage therapy can help decrease tension and help prevent further problems to arise.

Help take stress out of your life by getting regularly visiting American Chiropractic for relaxing, restorative massage therapy.

Depending on the stress level in your life, you may need one treatment a month where others may need one every week or ten days. Contact American Chiropractic for an appointment, and see for yourself where your stress level is or coming in for an assessment with one of our massage therapist and we can help you determine where you are on the stress chart.

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