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Client testimonials:

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“After being diagnosed with frozen shoulder and sent to physical therapy, the docs and PT folks told me to look forward to 1-2 years before I “might” get better. The PT did little with me when I came into the office and told me I just had to be patient and eventually I’d get “most” of the use of my shoulder back.

I visited Dr. H for the first time when not only my shoulder hurt and I could barely move it, but my neck and upper back was also in pain due to trying to compensate for my shoulder. After the first appointment I felt much better and continued to see Dr. H weekly. After one month, my pain was virtually gone and after two months, I felt almost back to my old self!

Dr. H is kind, attentive, knowledgeable, and directed treatment to my specific situation. The rest of the staff is awesome as well and the whole team gets involved and goes out of their way to provide truly personal and professional service.”

by Karen M. of Jacksonville, Florida

“I have been under chiropractic care for many years now and know how important it is to my well being. But something was going on with my neck and shoulder that was not being corrected by the chiropractor that I had been going to for years.

I had heard about Dr. Hunziker from several people at my work and how pleased they were with his care and his hours of operation were much more accommodating for my schedule, so I decided to try him. I was in bad shape when I went in, severe vertigo and severe pain in my neck and shoulder. Dr. Hunziker was so attentive to my issues. He took his time, listened, examined me and adjusted me. By the second visit I had a slight improvement which I had not been able to achieve from my previous doctor with weekly visits for 4 months straight. I can truly say that I made the RIGHT choice in coming to see Dr. Hunziker. Within a handful of visits my vertigo was well under control and my shoulder was getting better and better with each visit. I have 95% mobility back in my shoulder within 3 months and I had been watching it just getting worse and worse under my previous doctor’s care. I had actually been referred to an orthopedic specialists for my shoulder, yet I had not done anything to my shoulder to create the issues I was having. It was all connected to an area in my neck causing all of the symptoms and Dr. Hunziker was able to find the culprit and help me very quickly get back to feeling like a normal person again.

I have referred my husband and my daughter also to Dr. Hunziker and they are also very pleased with his care. Thanks Dr. Hunziker for everything!”

by Pamela S. of Jacksonville, FL

“Can you relate to this?  I woke up New Year’s Eve and said, my back doesn’t quite feel right.  I’ve had back problems for years, so I’ve learned to baby it.

A few hours later I was bent over and couldn’t straighten up.  I basically crawled to the laundry room to get a broom so I could stay up.  Well, Happy New Year to me!  Called my friends to cancel dinner, because I was going to bring in the New Year on the floor.

The next day I called my friend Kathleen who told me to call Dr H.  I was surpised that they answered the phone.  Vicky made me an appt and I met Dr H for the first time.  He is a miracle man.  Not only did he straighten me up, but he worked on my neck which for years had given me terrible pain.

I can’t believe that I am standing straight and even. Haven’t been like that for years.  Can’t believe I had lived with pain all that time.

Run don’t walk to this amazing man and his wonderful professional staff.”

by Barbara in Jacksonville, FL

“A. J. helped me to recover from a back injury. He listened to me talk about the pain and problems that I experienced each day. He took x-rays. With his care and regular treatment, I am feeling much better.  Thank you, Dr. Hunziker!”

by Chane McGuigan in Jacksonville, FL

“Dr. H is one of the friendliest and most understanding Doctors I have ever met.  Dr. H helped me deal with my injury and was very helpful, referring me to a top Neurologist to deal with the surgical aspect of my injury.  I honestly don’t think I would have been treated as quickly if it wasn’t for Dr. H’s referrals, nor healed as quickly without the extra attention he paid to my injury.  Dr. H was also very helpful with my wife’s back, during her pregnancy. Thank you again Dr. H.   :)”

by Chris N in Jacksonville, FL

“My wife and I were skeptical of the industry like many other people but when a close friend referred us to Dr. H after a back injury, we were willing to try anything.  Since that first visit, we are huge advocates of Dr. H and his field.  I threw out my back and could not walk or get off the couch for 2 days.  Rather than going to the emergency room only be prescribed drugs to cover up the pain, I went to Dr. H and he worked wonders.  I was walking without assistance in a week and totally painless within 3 weeks.  Aside from his knowledge and professionalism, Dr. H and his team are personable and fun.  My 2 yr old son loves visiting!   Thanks!”

Josh Rogers of Jacksonville, FL

“I travel all over the U.S and been to every kind of back Dr. there is and all I can say is this guy is the best.  Before I had 30% rotation in my neck went to him, ONE TIME and now I have full rotation.  Thank you very much!”

by Paul Blair, of West Virginia

“Dr. H is great, the whole establishment are friendly and make you feel welcome. Add in the adjustments and you walk out feeling like a new person.”

by Scott Bandy in Jacksonville, FL

“Dr. Hunziker was very understanding with my issue. He explained to me about my situation and how I could avoid irritating it further. He also gave me some suggestions on how I could make improvement. Luckily, my situation cleared up shortly after my first visit. It was really nice that he listened to me, focused on my problem, and did not try to get me to do extra treatments that weren’t needed.”

by Kenny Harper in Jacksonville, FL

“Dr. H made me a believer in chiropractic medicine. After a car accident, I went directly to his office for treatment. I had numbness in my arms, displaced vertebrae, among other injuries. Dr. H put me though a thorough exam, X-rays, the whole shebang, and was able to start me on the path to healing right away.

The next day, I had feeling in my arms.

Dr. H, through his research, found me a top neurologist to help me determine the extent of the damage to my inner ear (tinnitus). This is a doc who is not afraid of referrals. If he determines an injury is outside chiropractic assistance, he researches the best to healing, finds and researches the reputations of the docs to whom he refers, and then sees to it that you’re seen. That’s been my experience.

I highly recommend Dr. H. He’s clearly the best in the area.”

by Diane Faulkner in Jacksonville, FL

“I have been going to Chiropractor’s all of my life. I was very impressed at American Chiropractic. Great facility, hours that are realistic for the working individual, friendly staff and an extremely knowledgeable doctor!”

by Kelly Welles in Jacksonville, FL

“They ROCK! I’ve been to several different chiropractors but this guy is the best.”

by Amy in Jacksonville, FL

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